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Mobile Animal Farms offer a country encounter in a city space where children of all ages are encouraged to interact with friendly farm animals. We are able to provide a wide selection of baby animals regardless of the season and have become a favourite at council fun days, spring fairs, corporate Christmas and staff parties.

On the day the a pen will be set up on a tarpaulin with plenty of fresh straw for the animals to nibble on; making sure they experience the highest levels of comfort during the visit. The design also means that the country theme is carried throughout and we’re able to roll up all the mess at the end of the day, leaving you with only memories. Our team of farmyard friends includes lambs, kids and calf for the children to bottle feed, a piglet who loves a pat and scratch, sheep and goats for hand feeding as well as baby chicks, ducks and bunny rabbits the children are able to pat and cuddle.

Just to top the visit off, our farmer will demonstrate shearing with the hand shears and share the wool with the children so they can take home a momento of the day.

For visits lasting 2 -4 hours our pen area is approximately 3m x 3m. For visits lasting 4 hours we will set up 2 pens, one 4m x 5m and the other 2m x 2m. This is for the comfort of the animals so they can have access to water, food and shelter throughout the day. The only other requirement we have is that we will need access to hot and cold water.

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